The News: Feb 17, 2017

Dear Book Clubbers, friends, and family of Kirk and Jenny,

Jenny asked that I please keep her loved ones posted on the events of the last 24 hours….

Yesterday I was with them in Aspen when she woke up early with some scary bleeding. She was rushed to the local hospital, which is where the doctors noticed her cervix was thinning and dialating too soon for her 26 week pregnancy.
This is Nothing Jenny did wrong or anything the doctors could have screened for. It’s a freak thing that happens to some women. If this had happened sooner (before 24 weeks), it could have been stitched up. However, that is not an option as things stand.
Thus, they had to emergency evacuate her out of Aspen (via helicopter) to The University of Colorado Hospital, which happens to have one of the top NICU in the country (fewf!!).
There was a very scary moment when they said baby would have to come NOW and about 15 people rushed into the room with chords, lights, shots, IVs, you name it. Thankfully, they found the cervix, which has bought her and the baby some time to bake. The near goal is 48 hours more (since yesterday) so the coritzone shot can kick in to help the baby’s lungs and brains should he come early.
Kirk’s goal is that he hangs tight until his 40th birthday on May 3rd 😉

Either way, it looks like the Spaldens will be camping out in Colorado until baby’s original due date, which is May 24th.

True to form, Jenny has been powering through like a champ with her usual can-do attitude, always looking on the bright side. She’s been through tough times before and appreciates all the love and support in her life.
Kirk has also been amazing, never leaving her side. I think it’s safe to say that yesterday was the scarriest and most harrowing day in his life. His devotion and love for Jenny is just awesome.
Jenny has a nice spacious room with a big window and bare walls. I know she would LOVE it if you colored a picture, wrote a note, sent them a prayer, or made something fun they could post on her walls for a collage of love and support for the baby and family. Later they can take it down and make a book of it.  🙂
University of Colorado Hospital
Room 413
phone: 720-848-4000
Thank you in advance for keeping this information amongst Jenny and Kirk’s loved ones. They appreciate you in their lives more than you know.
Julie Warnock


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