The 3rd Update, February 23rd

Dear Friends and family,
THANK YOU so much for your well wishes, prayers, check in, and support during this completely bizarre curve ball we’re experiencing. You have no idea how touched and humbled we are. 🙏
I’ve learned the hard way that the most challenging experiences in life have yielded the most incredible outcomes, and I have no doubt that despite how dark times may have been (or could continue to be) there is a bright rainbow in sight.
Little Alden Charles Spahn (AC Spahnny!) is a fighter. This much we know.
We are in awe of how much he’s had to endure on his own. By the time he’s a newborn’s age, he will have already undergone so much self soothing and resilience-  true grit, Spalden Spirit indeed!
While yesterday was a rough one, today I’m thrilled to share I got to do Kangaroo Care for the first time in his 5 day old life! It was so amazing to hold his teeny little body against mine, and now that Kirk and I can actually Do something with our hearts and love, we know he will continue to Thrive! (..but one day at a time)
Many people have asked what you can do to help.
As we will be living here for the next three months, visiting Alden in his isolette, it would be Amazing if you could help us decorate the two wall corner of his station where I will basically calling my home way from home until the summer.
If you could send us a photo of yourself (and family) with a note that has your well wishes/prayer/motivational words/sense of humor, we’d love to wallpaper his corner with your positive thoughts of love and strength.
I want the doctors working on him to see how many people care, and are rooting for this little one’s survival.
Additionally, I want Alden to be surrounded by the vibration of all that love and support.
If you don’t have a hard photo on hand to send me, perhaps you can write your words of encouragement and take a selfie with it. Email me the selfie and I’ll have them uploaded to Shutterfly to print.
Below are some pics to share with yu.. the flag shot is what I snapped my first time outside after a week in the hospital. Who knew I’d have a Colorado baby?! I can’t help but note the heavens seems to be beaming down here.
The address for our little hotel room in the middle of now where (like, Aurora Colorado makes a parking lot look like a thriving metropolis) is:
Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver
Address: 13200 E 14th Pl, Aurora, CO 80011
Room #: 917

One final note:

Kirk has been the most amazing, supportive, loving husband a girl could DREAM of having. He is my best friend and soulmate and I’m so grateful to have him by my side in this journey. Also, he is a nervous nelly. I think he has a mini heart attack every time we visit Alden- so perhaps someone wants to send him a massage!? Ha- I need him living 103 more years with me 😜
IMG_0448.JPGFullSizeRender (2).jpgkirk and baby.JPGFullSizeRender (3).jpgFlags.jpg

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