2 week Update! March 7th

Dear friends and family, 
Thank you so much for the continued thoughts and support. 
Many people have checked  in for an update, and I think many others may be afraid to ask, so I thought I’d send another update..!
Firstly, everyone has told us that life in the NICU would be a rollercoast. 🎢
They weren’t kidding. 
One day we were elated because we found out that Alden‘s ultrasound on his brain showed no hemoraging or abnormalities. 
This was HUGE!! And super lucky for a 26 weeker! 
We celebrated with a Pizookie at BJs- the greatest thing to happen to Aurora, Colorado.
Then the next day we found out that Alden was at risk for Meningitis… er, that would be a brain infection.
I’m going to go ahead and say this was one of the worst days of our lives.. That says a lot given my 2013.
 But thankfully, it looks like our amazing doctors 👩were ahead of the game and caught it early. 🙏
 It seems we have dodged a major bullet!!!
But now our little guy is on a 2 week (maybe 3?!) course of antibiotics. And his veins are too tiny to get the pick in, so they have to keep poking him for his IV….
  😔 poor little peanut.
He is such a fighter though! 💪
And we’re doing our best with Kangaroo Care and pump pump pumping around the clock for mama’s milk to make him healthy and strong! 🍼😴
We’re proud to share that Alden has made the Kilo Club where he now weighs 2lbs 6 ounces. 🙌.
 Additionally, he has great lungs and is doing a fantastic job breathing on his Cpap.
He’s already dreaming about his time on the tennis court..
He’s also become very wise… with his face all smooshied up from his breathing contraptions, Yoda he looks like, Jedi he will become.
As for Kirk and me- our life is resembles Groundhog’s day. 🎡
We go back and forth from the hotel to the hospital, eat the same oatmeal for breaky and roasted chicken for dinner.
On occasion, we make the incredibly adventurous trip out to Target.
Or Sears!
Aurora’s best, y’all.
Despite the seemingly bleak circumstances of our Spring 2017, Kirk and I still crack each other up over the most banal moments.
For instance, we find the fact that we’re stuck in Aurora for three months ironically hilarious (who needs a Babymoon in Hawaii anyway!?)
Oh, and our wall is looking great!
If you haven’t sent us a pic of you with your words of encouragement for Alden, please do so! It really makes his day 😁
A million thanks again to all our friends and family who have supported us through this trying time in our lives.
Even in the midst of the uncomfortable unknown with our precious little guy, we can’t help but feel so lucky and blessed to have your love and support.
We seriously have the greatest friends and family a person could ask for. 🙏
Jenny and Kirk

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