Week 3-4, March 15

Dear friends and family,
It seems to be that time where y’all are itching for another update.. so here it goes!

The day after my last message little Boo needed a blood transfusion since he was left white and pale from all the blood samples they took from him. But after the infusion he looked pink and vibrant..  it was quite an improvement!

Here he is saying “Yay!” With open eyes!

Additionally, he’s filling out and now weighs a whole 2 lbs, 11 ounces 👊🏼
I mean, he still weighs less than a VOGUE magazine (literally- that thing weighs 4.5 lbs.. it could eat our child), but he’s gone up a diaper size, which is progress.

Here’s is a pic of his first diaper next to a regular New Born’s diaper.

Another pic for perspective.. check out Alden rocking my wedding ring on his wrist. Makes for a super fancy cuff.. 💍

Please note, the IV is off his arm- no more antibiotics! Seems he is clear of the Meningitis scare, his white blood cells look normal, and mama and papa are much relived! 🙏🏼

We’re still Kangarooing him like cray to help him grown with lots of love. 💗

Kirk and I log in about 9-10 hours at the hospital a day. While there is a Chinese water torture aspect to the whole NICU experience in Aurora, Colorado, I’m also shocked at how fast the days have turned.. I mean, look at all those Xs on the month of March already!

Despite the hours in the hospital filling up our days, Kirk still finds time for quality reading..

And since you’re dying to hear about Aurora, here are some pics from our window and our walk to the hospital to show you how happening this place is:

I mean, there isn’t even a Starbucks in sight!

But it’s okay, because we have each other, and now even Charlie’s here.

He’s not quite sure what we’re doing here, but he likes that the garbage in our hotel room is way easier to access than the one in our old kitchen. (Charlie…! 😒)

We’ve been lucky enough to have fun visitors! In addition to our moms, and Kirk’s friend Glenny… Taryn Southern and Blake Spahn were in town for 24 hours to take us out for real food!

And though Aurora may look bleak, there are moments when you catch a breathtaking sunset, look to the heavens and think- Life is Beautiful, and Everything is going to work out, exactly as it should! 😌

Finally, I leave with a message for the little man himself..


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