Nearly 5 Weeks- March 24th

Dear friends and family- it seems to be that time people are checking in again for another update… So here you go!

Spring is springing in Aurora!
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And so too is our little boo.
Here’s a pic of him off his Cpap scuba gear onto the High-Flo tube. This upgrade lasted a whole 12 hours before he had to go back onto Cpap thanks to constant “Bradies” (when your child turns blue from his heart completely stopping.. things you get used to in the NICU πŸ™„)

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But come on, how cute is he?.. Yes, he resembles the monkeys in Ubud, but we’re completely smitten. πŸ’

We think Kirk set a record for the longest Kangaroo care in one setting.. almost 5 hours!..of not peeing…

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As for Charlie, our nightly face off for which one gets to cuddle daddy has been resolved but him discovering the humidifier.  Before, he would wake up at 4am dry hacking the thin air up here.. now he sleeps off to the side right under the mist, and I get my hubby back. ✌🏼

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He still hogs him during the day, though..

We’ve had friends and family visiting.. like Uncle Greggy!

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Greg had the best intentions of getting Alden this baby hat with his name on it.. but you can see, it could probably fit his whole body in it!.. oops. Someday!
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Grandma and Grandpa Spahn also made their way here on their 50th Wedding Anniversary trip!!! Cheers to them! πŸ₯‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜

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We also had great time catching up with these cool cats below (Mortimer Sackler, Matija Pecotic, Kathie A, Connie & Stephen S, Gordon Uehling, and it wouldn’t be a proper dinner without Charlie)

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(And if I look fat here, it’s because I totally am)

By the by, our child smells like baking vanilla creamy dreamyness.. Like creme brΓ»lΓ©e, a butterscotch chip blondie, vanilla frosting or oddly, this non-minty smelling mint floss

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A.C Spahnny seems to double in size every time I see him. He now ways 3.2lbs! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
That said, he’s still smaller thank this Sneetch (granted, it is a sizable Sneetch)

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And this Velveteen Rabbit (Hi Timmy Evans!)

Displaying image11.JPG

And this blue bear from the Uehling family

Displaying image12.JPG

It was wonderful to have Gordon, Rehana, Zen, Zia, and Vickie all here to give Alden their love!! He especially appreciated the lullaby Zia wrote and sang for him 😌🎡

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And who doesn’t love Grandma/Kika’s TLC?!

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Here’sΒ  Kirk on a much deserved Boy’s Night out with Bode Miller and Greg Hill

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And our wall is looking amazing.

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Thank you everyone so much for your care packages, photos, well wishes and most importantly prayers. πŸ™πŸΌ
While baby Spahnny is a NICU rockstar in our minds, the poor thing has gone through many needles, IVs, blood draws, antibiotics, Bradies, and hears the constant sounds of beeps and alarms going off, all in his lonely isolette. πŸ˜”

His most recent brain scans didn’t show any bleeding (yay), but there did appear to be some inflammation. This grey matter in the scans could be as innocent as a smudge from the computer pixilation, or other something else.. so yea, there’s that.
If you could continue to keep him in your thoughts, please send bright light to his head for a brilliant, sparkling brain free of inflammation!!!! (And his heart murmur, and his gut biome to be healthy from antibiotics, and his lungs to breath well! So yea, just pray for his health, please..!)

Love love love,
Kirk, Jenny, Charlie, and the child we keep accidentally calling Charlie, Alden..


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