Week 6 – April 2nd

Dear Friends and family,

Today our little boo is 6 weeks old! Well, he’s still not supposed to be born until May 24th, but he’s been out of the oven and baking in Aurora for 6 weeks..
Weighing in at almost 4lbs now, he could totally take on that VOGUE magazine..
Look how sweet he is!
Friday he had his big eye exam and is exactly were he’s supposed to be for a 32 weeker. (Which I guess means going cross-eyed at moments is perfectly fine for now.. 🙄)
And you can see in better lighting how blonde he is! Brows, lashes and all..
Kirk and I are getting into the swing of things in Colorado. We’ve found some amazing food joints. Who knew once you get out of the chain restaurant ruck there are incredible  farm to table places here?! A foodie’s paradise!
We’ve also been lucky enough to have some home cooked meals- Thanks Jeff Salzenstein and parents Jan and Miles for the incredible rack of lamb! (Sorry Vegan friends)
(Ladies, Jeff is single… 😏)
Also, thanks to the Favre family (er, Beers) for the delicious gluten free Lasagna.
And nothing could beat the Umbrella show performance we had after dinner. #PartyTime
Tommy Haas made a special Denver stop to see our A.C! (Happy birthday to Tommy tomorrow!!! 🎊🎈🎁🎉🎂)
And Uncle Chris and Aunt Daphne flew out to visit as well 🙂
They managed to escape with Kirk to a local Escape Room.. which of course was nothing like the one Chris designed at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF 😏(Palace-Games.com plug!)
As for Charlie, he digs playing fetch down the endlessly long hallways of our hotel..
He’s also gotten into March Madness 🏀
It seems my pump schedule through the night is really taking a toll on the boys, though..


Kirk and I are still Kangarooing the boo for hours everyday, and enjoying all the fun gifts y’all are sending- like this swanky Beverly Hills Hotel bear (thanks Steve and Katia!)
I asked the NICU nurses if they can tell a difference between babies who get a lot of Kangaroo time and those who don’t. They said though Alden is alert and lively, he’s a lot calmer than the other babies there. The ‘roo time is certainly a part of it.. also they said it could be genetics or the fact I didn’t do drugs when I was pregnant ( low bar in the NICU).
Before we ‘roo the Boo, we go to Moo. 🐄🍦
Moo is our local ice-cream spot where we get our daily shake on (and I wonder why I’m the only person to keep putting weight on after the baby’s born.. I’m trying to up my milk production! 😝🍼)
 You can just see the look of sheer joy and delight in Kirk’s eyes when we first discovered the joint.
On Monday we’re going to try again to get Alden off his Cpap (the mask) and back on Hi-Flow (the tube).
Depending on how this goes, it looks like we may get a transfer to Stanford Hospital as early as next Thursday!!
Kirk and I will be living in my childhood home in Woodside until A.C is out of the hospital and construction on our house in LA is completed this summer.
Pretty neat my son will be coming home to the same place I did when I returned from Stanford hosptial as a newborn.
(And like his grandma Connie Spahn was born near Denver..!)
Thank you all for your continued love and support.
Despite the challanges we face, you make us feel like the luckiest for having such incredible people in our lives. 😌
The Spaldens
ps: Our address from mid April- to late June 🏡
Jenny & Kirk Spahn
440 Manzanita Way
Woodside, CA

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