Week 7- April 9th, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Well the weather here has the ups and downs of a newborn baby in the NICU. One moment it’s this:

And the next morning you wake up to this..

But despite the lows (like that time Alden turned blue, rolled his eyes back in his head and they couldn’t get him to breathe because…turns out there was a kink in his Oxygen tube… 😱😳😰😫. Mama bear was none too pleased), he is blossoming into beautiful baby boy who’Β now rocking Hi-Flo (Hi-βœ‹πŸΌ!)


What a little peanut!
He now weighs 4lb, 3 ounces and you can see the growth in his new footprints on the right. πŸ‘£

Displaying image2.jpeg

And look how peaceful he is under that blanket as he Kangaroos mommy… 😌
So sweet…!


If I’m being candid, he had a moment when they first took him off Cpap.

(Am I the worst mom for that? Okay, now scroll back up again to see how cute he really is)

Btw, Alden‘s pod is between Kanikikalala and Sladanaruvalcaba’s.
No joke


(And they put the Name Alert on Thomas…?)
In the meantime, Kirk and Charlie are beginning to look alike.
Displaying image5.JPG

And while Charlie enjoys hallway fetch, he really prefers to feel the wind in his hair.


We’ve connected with amazing peeps in Denver. Thank you to Dartmouth buddy Billy Wynne and wife Christy for introducing us to the most delicious Japanese restaurant!


And speaking of food, I’m developing something of a Gourmet Gummy Bear addiction. (Hey- they have 100% Vitamin C and are only $1.99 at Target!)

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

And for the thrilling news?
We’re transferring to Stanford on Monday afternoon! πŸ›© Mommy gets to fly on the Lear jet with the peanut and medical team (thank you insurance!), and Kirky and Charlie will fly seperately on Virgin America ✈️

I can’t believe it has now been 7 weeks. Those first weeks felt like 7 years, and now it all seems to have flown by! I prayed for this moment.. to see a cute chubby baby healthy enough for a transfer, and here we are.
His due date is still not for another month and a half, but it is a relief to see him developing so well. We are just in awe of him.

The Spaldens~

Ps: the flowers survived the snow storm..


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