8 Weeks = 2 Months! April 19th, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Easter and belated Passover!  🐰🐣🐥💐

Today our little boy is 34 weeks, and 2 months out of mama.

It was a BIG week for the Spaldens! Here we are on our last day in the U of Colorado NICU, in cardinal red and Stanford gear- ready for the big move!

Mr. Alden Charles Spahn must have known exactly what was up, because he was very wide eyed and alert that day.

Mama explained the trip ahead, and while he was excited to go to California, he knew he would miss all the wonderful caregivers in Colorado who lovingly tended to him during his first weeks of life.
As we took a last lap around the NICU, Kirk started crying, and then I did too…  So many feelings, and memories..!
An awesome team arrived to transport the peanut into a massive capsule for his flight out west.
He fit in snug as a bug…

It was tricky trying to maneuver the capsule into the small jet..

But our team figured it out!

We enjoyed scenic views out the window..
Inline image 1
And then we Arrived…!But then….

In the spirit of trying to stay positive, I will spare you the dissertation I could write on the horrors of the Stanford NICU, and simply say… it was like going from rolling green pastures, to a loud, bright, chaotic, metal farm factory surrounded by sick babies with no privacy, space, or quiet to kangaroo our child.
When I told Kirk on the phone, he thought I was exaggerating.. then he walked in, froze, and declared: “We need to get th F- out of here”

Thus began a 24 hr panic/sob fest where were wracked our brains to get back to the free range fields of our Colorado NICU. We would pay out of pocket if we had too..



baby boy did something marvelous!With the help of sea level air, A.C got off of his hi-flow tube onto Low flow, which qualified him for a level 2 NICU. The very next day we got a transfer to Sequoia hospital, a much more peaceful space that serves as a satellite nursery for Stanford 🙌💃🍾

While Sequoia is still not as great as the U of Colorado- it is a zillion times better than Stanford, and we are relieved and Grateful to be there.

Seeing the Dr. Seuss quote there made made us feel at home..


But WOW, guys.. How LUCKY were we to end up in Colorado in the first place!?! I was appreciative then, but even more so now that I know what’s out there. We must have angels.  👼🙏🌟

In the meantime, Great aunties Betsie and Barbie have visited our boo

And we’re back on the Kangaroo program….
While you may think this is a Sears catalogue shoot for discount pashminas, it’s actually my besties visiting me in Woodside enjoying the fresh, brisk air.
Thank you Julie, Janelle and Kristien for making the flight up north!
2 months friends.JPG
Charlie too loves his walks in Woodside..

Inline image 1

On Saturday we had a family reunion in Atherton..
And then another one in Woodside for Easter..
2 months fam .JPG
Overall, Alden is doing great. He’s had few episodes (de-sats and bradies) due to the new low-flow, changes and adjustments.. but he’s our little champ.
Thank you all for letting us share this journey with you so far.. !
The Spladens 👪
2 months pic.JPG

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