Week 10- April 30th

Dear Friends and family,

The peanut is coming along! Weighing in at 5lbs 12 ounces, he’s a little bruiser!unnamed.jpg

He’s really getting a hang for the passie
And he loves story time. 📚Here’s a pic of him holding my hand while listening to daddy read him a book. 😌
FullSizeRender (4).jpg
And here’s that same pic of him next to Mommy as a baby in the 20th century..
He does Tummy Time on our chests when we ‘roo him, and the other day he got himself into this position..
Here he is celebrating the comb-over look
While it’s harder to have visitors in our small space here than our palatial pod in Denver, we’ve had some friends and family make the trip..
A.C got to meet his Grandpa,  Daddy Ellis! IMG_1540 (1).JPG
And Jesse Draper..
And my cutie nieces fell in love with their new cousin..
Derek and Kirk look like proud parents here..
And Alden‘s loving the blondes with Aunt Lindsey and Helena!
Thank you to the Powell family for having us over for Sunday Indian food and game night!
And speaking of Yum, I discovered that if you ask- they’ll make you the most delicious Mint Chip milkshake at the Menlo Grill (Stanford Park Hotel)
And finally, Charlie’s back to hogging my hubbyunnamed-12.jpg
According to “the Bump” ap I’m over 36 weeks pregnant and due to give birth in 3 weeks and 4 days!
Our goals for Alden are to keep breathing (ha), get off the gentle flow of oxygen, keep putting on weight steadily, drink from the bottle, breastfeed, and be the happiest little baby we can possibly raise 😊
The Spaldens
PS!  We will be in LA for the Milken Global Conference where Joon Yun is speaking on Longevity. Tuesday, May 2nd, we’ll be celebrating Kirk’s 40th BIRTHDAY!!! If you’re in LA and want to join, please email me for details. 🍾🎂💥 🎉 🎈
PPS: I realize Kirk’s hairy chest is a popular feature of these updates. I’m sorry to not  have one this week, but worry not, there are surely more to come..

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