Week 11- May 7th

Dear Friends and family,

Here’s your Funday-Sunday update! (If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sending every Sunday for weeks now… ;))

Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary!!unnamed.jpg
Hard to believe that magical weekend was already a year ago-
and what a year it has been! I am so grateful for the incredible man I married and the beautiful son he helped me make. 😌
Look at da Boo! Notice- the Oxygen tube is gone!! Now Alden‘s just left with the feeding tube in his nose. That said, he’s getting better and better at bottle feeding..🍼
We’ve had a busy week that started with a trip to LA for the Milken Global Conference where Joon Yun spoke on Longevity and our work with the National Academy of Medicine.
Then we went out to celebrate Kirk’s 40th Birthday 🎉🍾🎈at the Pearl Lounge.
Thank you to Stephanie Day and her company, Ographr for taking fantastic pics!
To see the full gallery visit this link here.
Ographr is like Uber for photographers. If you ever have an event, small gathering, or need a photographer – you must check it out!

This week‘s visitors included Anne-Marie Keenan, who I’ve known since she was Alden‘s age (no joke).

And Kirk’s parents flew out west for another visit..
Grandma Connie fed him a whole bottle!
We’re still doing skin to skin care for hours a day, which the nurses swear has made him the calm and sweet little boo that he is:  He trusts that the world is a good and safe place. unnamed-7.jpg
And there’s that hairy chest pic I promised 😏
Our chunky monkey now weights 6 lbs 8 oz- he’s like a real baby!
In the above pic he’s staring at a black and white lion picture the nurses placed in his bed. 🦁 Since he can only see black and white contrast, he seems to love it.
Our goals for Alden are to get off the feeding tube, pass his eye exams, and go 5 straight days without an “event” (where his heart or breathing stops).
Go Go Alden– you can do it! ! 🎉
Love from,
The Spaldensunnamed-9.jpg

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