Week 12- 3 Month Update! May 14

Dear Friends and Family,
Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms out there! 💐 A special shoutout to Kathie Alden and Connie Spahn for being the best moms ever, and teaching us by example with your love, patience, and endless support. We ❤️ you!!
Our little boy is growing up and getting cheeky..
Here’s the face he makes when he thinks your’e telling a fib..
Which is not so different from his “Whachyou Talkin ‘Bout Willis” face
He has smiles for his Grandpa Spahn
And bath time smiles too
And since I may have traumatized my mother-in-law with that Star Wars composite from a few weeks back, I found this photo of Alden looking strikingly like Luke Skywalker.. 😏
That’s Alden wondering if Kirk is his Father..
Alas, yes- there is no better Father, as you can see by the look of sheer bliss on A.C’s face here.
(And there’s your token bare chest pic)
Fun fact..
..babies don’t have strong chins to help them get through the birthing canal
(this info may or may not have been researched by a mom worried her son had a weak chin),
We’ve been learning baby massage..unnamed.jpg
..which  is powerful for all babies, but it’s especially important for premies since they miss out on having the firm muscles of the uterus massage their limbs. Thus, they get stiff limbs which can hinder their ability to learn to walk normally.
Alden now weights 7lbs and 3 oz! (5lbs of which are clearly in his cheeks)
Just look at the progress next to the Sneetch!
Which, btw, serves as a fantastic neck pillow..
Alden has been out in the world for 12 weeks and has a 3 month birthday on the 19th.
He ripped out his feeding tube yesterday, which means he’ll be taking only bottles if he can tolerate it. 🍼  He has to do well with the bottle, gain at least 1 oz a day, and keep breathing steadily (minor detail) before he can come home.
That said he’s looking like a “rock star” (doctor’s words) and may be released before his due date on the 24th, which is pretty unheard of for a 26 week-er. 🤘
This is how excited Charlie is to have a new brother hog our attention.
(You can just see him contemplate his fate as he gets his bath in that kitchen sink)
Don’t worry Charlie, You will Always be our First- We Love You!! 💗
If you’ve made this far, I want to thank you again for your continued support throughout this journey. Sharing it with you has been a privilege and a pleasure, and A.C cannot wait to meet you when he’s out and about in the big, beautiful world!
Love from
The Spaldens

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