Week 13- May 21

Dear Friends and Family,

Well week 13 doesn’t sound so auspicious, does it?
We had a little setback as Alden had a few bradies (heart events 💙) while feeding.
This is not surprising as the combined actions of Suck, Swallow, Breath can be a big task for a little peenut, so he’s returned to the feeding tube.
Also, every Brady holds him back 5 days. Doctors estimate he’ll come home in 7-10 days now. 🏡
This is how he feels about his setback..


But a visit from “Auntie” Alex cheered him up!


While Alden worked on feeding, my mom whisked Kirk off to Rome to cheer on Tommy Haas in the Italian open. 🇮🇹🎾


Kirk sent me lots of Food photos..


Awe! Don’t they look cute 😋
In the meantime, I stayed back to Kangaroo Care our little nugget.


This week is International Kangaroo Care week, so for every hour we ‘roo the Boo, we get a sticker- Woo


22 hrs so far (with Kirk’s help, because another 4 hrs of my day is dedicated to pumping 😝🍼)

Mom also came in to help with some bottle feeding..


As for Charlie, he’s now limping from aggressive ball activity (he thinks he’s a pro like Tommy), so I had to take him to the vet for red light therapy.


As of today, Alden weighs 7lbs, 12 oz! He is due in 3 days, which I think means I was going to birth an 8lb baby!? 😬 Um, thank god I had a preemie?!
So long unlucky week 13– looking for ward to a more favorable week 14!

Love from,
The Spaldens


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