Week 14- May 31

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! A salute to all the women and men who’ve died in service of our country 🇺🇸
On the Spalden front we are now officially past my due date, and Alden is the age of a term baby.
Just look at that hunk of love.
Sadly, photos can’t seem to capture how cute he is in person, but ya’ll will just have to see for yourself someday- hopefully soon!!!
Bottle feeding seems to be the hold up. There are 2 problems:
1-He still has the occasional Brady towards the end of feeding
2- he doesn’t like the taste of thawed frozen milk (accordingly, nurses are calling him Anthony Bourdain)
Well I’m so glad I have 7 bins of the stuff stashed in our freezer
One can’t be too upset when you have a husband awesome enough to take you to ColorMeMine to paint pottery.
OMG I love Kirk Spahn!! #BestHubbyEver
 In the meantime, here’s Alden on the scale-
…weighing in at 8lbs, 9 oz!! Wowie- remember when 4 lb babies could eat him!?
This baby is smiling because
a)He just heard his mama’s voice on FaceTime? Or
b)He’s nestled into his dad’s furry chest?
BOTH, obviously. #FurryFaceTimeFun
Dhani Jones paid us a visit- he’s great for a good pep talk.👍
And dear Charlie’s still getting red light treatments for his various ailments..
Awe-  love both our Boos so much! 💞💗
Hopefully the next time I write you it will be to share that Alden is coming home soon!!
Love and Best,
The Spaldens 👪

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