Week 15- June 4th

Dear Friends and Family,

Yes- we’re still in the hospital. But all is well. AC hasn’t had a Brady (heart event 💙) in over a week now (🙌) and the only thing left for him to do is finish his bottles.
But as you can see- he has a problem staying awake for his feedings..


Kirk’s been dubbed the Baby Whisperer as he’s the only who consistently gets Alden to finish whole bottles. He swears by John Denver and handholding 🎵



The doctor said that because Alden‘s so great otherwise, we forget he’s a 26 weeker and that if not eating is the only thing he’s doing like a normal preemie, she’s just fine with that.
In the meantime Alden‘s been enjoying visitors.. like Megha Tolia 🙂

IMG_2601 (1).JPG

And Nirav Tolia too!


And Cousin Shelley!


On Memorial Day Kirk and I took a quick trip to our favorite spot, the Bodega Bay Lodge🤗


And while Kirk was in LA for his school’s graduation, we celebrated my niece Ashley’s 5th birthday by doing her favorite thing- biking from their home to the Menlo Grill for dinner 😋 🚲🎂


When we’re not passed out with AldenABBBDB88-C19F-42CC-ABE4-DBD78E51EF22.jpg

We have fun family Gazing parties


Again- We wish the camera could capture how our sweet pea really looks. For example, it’s impossible to see from the pics that he actually has blue eyes (for now at least 👀) and his hair continues to come in very blonde..


Alden continues to have a very sweet and mellow disposition, and we are so so ready to bring this snuggle bug home with us. We are too in 💗😍💖
Love from,
The Spaldens
Ps: I know you’re dying to see our ColorMeMine master-pieces, but we haven’t picked them up yet- so until next time 😉

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