Week 16- June 11th


Well the good news is, we made a pretty cute munchkin who is more alert, interactive, and amazing by the day..👍🏼


In  other news.. We are. STILL. IN. The HOSPITAL 🏥

It seems that falling asleep while feeding isn’t the only problem..


Alden has a lot of discomfort into his feeding, and has even showered us in some pretty impressive projectile vomiting..🌋


Some theories are:
-Acid Reflux, -Pyloric Stenosis, -irritation from the feeding tube, -food sensitivity
Results from the Acid Reflux and Pyloric Stenosis tests were inconclusive, so he’s getting another ultrasound on Monday to check. Fingers crossed it’s not PS, because that would mean a little stomach surgery…!

When Alden‘s not dreaming of coming home..


He’s working on his tennis game. Needs to keep his eye on the ball.. 🎾


He still enjoys Kangaroo Care-


But is much more awake during it and prefers to gaze at his book collection than sleep.


(Sorry that pic doesn’t feature more of Kirk’s chest for you 😉

In case you’re wondering, my plan is to stop peppering your Sunday in-boxes with these updates once he comes home. Then I will transfer them to a family blog where you can check in to see his progress if you like 🙂
So here’s to having next weekend be The. LAST. email update… ! Or else- we might get the Alden Stink-Eye, which is just as scary as Ice Cube’s..


(Kirk wonders, does this make our kid.. Vanilla Ice?)

Love Always,
The Spaldens.. aka the brilliant artists behind this tennis platter and dog dish


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